Summer Food Service Program 

The Summer Food Service Program funds primarily lunches and breakfasts and, in some cases, suppers or snacks for children in needy areas when school is not in session during the summer.  In Rhode Island, the program provides an average of over 300,000 meals during the summer.

These meals are provided to children at no cost.

Sponsorship is limited to public or private nonprofit school food authorities, state or local governments, public or private nonprofit colleges or universities that are operating the National Youth Sports Program, public or private nonprofit residential summer camps, and private nonprofit organizations that operate special summer programs.

USDA provides additional information.

Here is a list of the RI Summer Meal Sites for 2014. 

To find the SFSP sites closed to you, contact the RI United Way 2-1-1 hotline (dial 211).

USDA provides an overview on becoming a Sponsor in the SFSP.

In early spring, RIDE starts the application process for new and returning SFSP Sponsors. 

Here is information and forms for the 2014 SFSP application process:

Once the forms above have been submitted and accepted by RIDE, access to the CNP Connect system is given.  This allows Sponsors to complete the application process on-line.

Here are forms which are used in this on-line application process:

For further information on how to become a RI sponsor contact Steve Carey.

Here you’ll find any upcoming trainings, videos available for viewing, and links to helpful training resources.

USDA Training Materials: For SFSP Sponsors and their staff

Welcome to the Summer Food Services Program Regulations & Guidance section. The purpose of this section is to clarify the rules and regulations in the administration of this Program.

For the most current policy memos and updates, please visit USDA's School Meals Program Policy page at...

USDA Nutrition Programs are designed to improve the health and well-being of children and adults. Here is additional information on nutrition and wellness.

Summer Food Service Program Meal Patterns and Nutrition Requirements

Welcome to the Summer Food Services Program (SFSP) Documents, Resources and Helpful Links. This section includes RIDE issued documents, and additional resource, document and links from a variety of sources related to this USDA Program.

Frequently Asked Questions.

USDA’s summer meal programs, including the Summer Food Service Program and the National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option, rely on innovative and collaborative efforts to reach children in need. The Summer Meals Toolkit is designed for individuals and organizations interested in serving as Summer Meal champions in their communities at any level of program administration.



The Reimbursement and Claims section provides information on USDA reimbursement rates, and RIDE's CNP Connect secure claims processing and management system.  

This section provides local and national data on the Summer Food Services Program, and information about fiscal aspects of the Program.

USDA Program Finance and Participation Data.